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As mentioned earlier, this is a sensitive topic. Many Muslims have tattoos, and some are not too worried as they do not have these in a mosque or a mosque-affiliated setting. However, if you are a non-Muslim you can find some very uncomfortable things on the web as well. Here are three examples of what I am referring to:

This picture on the website is one of the worst I saw. It shows an Indian Muslim woman with big, fat nails and a small, pink sunflower on her lower jaw. This is clearly what is meant by the verses in the Quran that Muslims should never wear clothing of mixed colors, as it is considered blasphemous. And this is just one of many images on the website that is repugnant.

In the US, an anti-Muslim photo was found on CNN that featured an old, Asian man covered from head to toe in tattoos. This man has a long, sad story about why he has such piercing and piercing in tattoos. Also this man is wearing a hat with the word “Trump” written underneath the hat. He may be anti-Trump because it is his hat. And he may look like a bad influence because he looks like this:

35 Flower Tattoo Design Samples And Ideas
The anti-Muslim pictures of the CNN images are very telling because they show Islam as inherently violent and dangerous. That is a bad thing to promote. This is an interesting way to turn people against Islam if they have no idea what Islam is at all.

The second example: an Australian photo with a photo of a man in a turban, sitting in the back of the bus, wearing a jacket with a “Make America Great Again,” hat, and holding a Donald Trump sign. In the above picture the man is the most violent and obnoxious man you can find online. His name is “Mr. Big Head.” As a Muslim you cannot wear a turban without feeling threatened. Some Muslims have their turban removed every so often. Muslims must dress in strict Islamic style. This turban does not belong to anyone. It belongs to Allah. Therefore it is haram. When they find an image that is disturbing them, they can find other images on the internet of Islamic terrorists posing with their turban.

I hope you feel better now that you have been enlightened about what Islam is and is not. Islam is the most peaceful religion on the face of the earth. Muslims do not kill people, rape children, burn babies or commit genocide. Muslims are simply people and Islam

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