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In this day and age, anyone who has a tattoo is considered Muslim. Do people who work for the government or military consider themselves non-Muslims? Does that bother you? We will never understand the motives or beliefs of terrorists who believe that their own religious beliefs are more than the laws of the land, for that is a belief that is diametrically opposed to ours.

So that’s a start, then. We need to work hard at figuring out the difference between those two ideologies.

As my mother would say, “It’s a beautiful day in America, but I can’t breathe.”

I can’t breathe, and when I say I can’t breathe, I mean something different. It’s the exact opposite of a breath. An oxygen deficit would mean that I’ve simply lost my lungs from all the breathing.

This isn’t an opinion I’m expressing to try to be politically correct or anything. This is something that occurred to me, and since I live in a country that is already dying, this is what is happening to our young people. It’s happening to an American, who I would have assumed would be able to walk into a doctor and make the decision for himself about any major medical procedure. He can’t. Instead, he has to go into one of our three emergency rooms for a test, and he has to be a patient. He must wait an extra day; he has to show up in person; he has to make an appointment; and he has to be evaluated by a third party (me). He needs to tell me his decision in person, and then I say to the doctor, “Is it okay?” “You’re a doctor, can you give me my doctor’s note?” “Will you call someone to do a history?” “Will you ask me if it hurt, if it hurt a lot?” “Is it okay if I have to do ultrasounds that will show that I need surgery?” “Can you do a lot of testing to find out about my diabetes?”

There are no clear answers. I was in the process of writing a paper based in part on the above scenario and it ended up coming down to no. I can’t say for sure that I would have done the exercise, but I am certain that I would have told him that it wouldn’t hurt and that it wouldn’t hurt a lot and that I would not need an x-ray to make sure that I didn’t have a ruptured cyst or a gallbladder.

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