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Saffron’s most remarkable characteristic is that it is the only spice known to have survived for so long in the Indian subcontinent. The reason for this is that the spice was planted in India centuries before European settlers came to the subcontinent. In fact, saffron is believed to be “Sri” in Sanskrit. So saffron is a product of India’s history.

Saffron’s history

The earliest saffron seeds date to a prehistoric age when people in India used its roots to prepare food. It was only after the Europeans came to know of the spice that they began to use it to make sauces in the 16th century.

The spice took off as a delicacy in Europe and in America when people in British India began using saffron to enhance their curry and julienne sauces. Saffron was also used as a medicinal spice in India, where it was popularly believed that it could cure diseases such as rickets and tuberculosis. Saffron oil was used to make candles, as a substitute for candle wax and as a remedy in Ayurveda medicine due to its high concentration of essential nutrients.

Saffron’s culinary history is also tied together with the birth of India

The cultural significance of saffron goes back to pre-historical times. The ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed saffron’s medicinal properties, in fact, the Romans called it “hymema”. In ancient India, saffron was revered as a divine medicine, a “living medicine” and a cure for all diseases.

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