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The pure saffron in these articles is from India. It’s a green, reddish brown, or purple colour with a faint blue cast, and it’s the most commonly used color for saffron on earth. It is sold through a number of brands including:

The best brands to check for are the Tivoli, Golden Sands and The Golden Sands.

What makes the saffron better for saffron?

Some saffron is sold as black (c. 40% saffron) or brown (c. 40% saffron).

There is also the option of using saffron in combination with other herbs, spices, herbs oil and/or ghee!

What’s the best saffron recipe?

You’ll have to ask this for yourself! As always, it does depend on what herb/saffron plant you are using and on what spice blends you use. If you’re using saffron that’s from India and there’s some spice in it, say saffron rosemary, then the best recipe that will work is to use some rosemary and add some more of the spice.

But of course, all herbs (even in very small amounts) provide unique flavors, and a few good combinations will always produce an exceptional taste.

The best saffron cookbook
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Here’s some saffron cookbook suggestions (in no particular order):

“Ravager and the Sea” by Joanna Bly

“Herbs for the Modern Middle East” by Dineen M. Ahmed

“Herbs of the Ancient Mediterranean” by John R. Linton

“Ravager, the Sea, and Herbs” by Joanna Bly (The Ancient Sea-Herbs of the Mediterranean)

“Herbs of the Ancient Mediterranean” by John R. Linton (Plume Farm)

“How to Make Saffron” by Ann G. Lutz

“Herbs, Spice and Spice Blend” by John E. Odom

“The Herbs of India” by Thomas Jardine

“Herbs and Spice” by Philip J. Wylie

“Saffron” Cookbook by Mary L. Rocha

“Thick with Flavor” by John F. Nolen

“Spices in the Middle East: The Complete Cookbook”


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