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“Saffron comes from the stony red flowers of the cumin plant, and can be used as a perfume ingredient (in its own right or combined with other ingredients to create different scents), as a flavoring or additive in food and drink or, in India, it helps heal rheumatism.”

How much does saffron cost?

“You can buy a small bottle costing a few rupees and this is the quantity of scented cream for which you would buy a bottle of saffron itself.”

Who can make saffron?

“You can make saffron by making a paste of a few herbs, or even whole flowers, from which you can get your desired amount of saffron,” says Jeyaranchali.

We’ve all seen and heard the scary “scary” movie trailers.

In these scary horror movies, actors are scared and a scary killer is after your brains. You may also be worried if you haven’t seen the movie that is being depicted and you decide to watch the trailer.

There are two types of scary movie trailers

1. You need to be scared, but


2. You don’t need to be scared, but you can’t watch the trailer without getting scared

If you were a little scared when watching the trailer for

(which is usually a horror movie starring the most frightening actors

in movie history)

Then I invite you to follow the steps below, I will walk you through the process of watching the horror movie trailer I used from

1. You need you own flashlight with a battery

2. You need a dark room which is not too bright and

3. Most importantly, you need to be calm, but not scared

What you need in terms of the flashlight is for it to be charged. The flashlight will help you navigate the movie, but in case you aren’t ready to deal with it you could just wait, because the movie is really scary when you start getting scared.

1. Take an empty beer cooler

2. Put it away in a dark dark place

3. Watch the movie and stay calm for 20 minutes as the dark room fades away.

I really hope this makes sense and it will help you not to be scared when watching scary movie trailers but you probably will need a little bit of practice for the first time. There is something to be said

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