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Saffron can grow very well in a wide variety of soil types, depending on whether the plant is under shade or full sun. If the plant is too high up in the vine or on a tall stem, a good saffron plant will not flower and will develop an unpleasant flavour.

If the plant is in its best shape, saffron may flower in the spring and produce the most beautiful red flowers. These are a major source of attraction to the male bird and are very attractive to the female to attract them to breed.

I have been growing saffron for many years; is it a good food for rabbits?

Unfortunately, they will not eat it at all. Their digestive tract is too large and slow to metabolise foods (and the animal has also not developed a healthy digestive system yet to digest it). Some may have an enzyme in their brain that will digest the plant and give them the necessary protein, but it will only digest a few percent of the saffron-containing meal.

Safran is a good staple food for rabbits and is an excellent source of protein for them to eat and for the young rabbits in their feeding bottles.

Saffron is a good plant for rabbits with digestive problems that require more fiber. They may need to chew it, and eat it raw. I feed it raw to my dogs, both of whom have the digestive problems mentioned above. They have been eating it for a few years, and they love it!

I have been growing saffron for many years; is it a good fertilizer for my plants or not?

In many cases, saffron is used with good results, but the only way to know for sure, is to grow it and test it. If it does not grow at all, it may not have any useful properties and not be worth growing.

If the plants do well but not thrive, it may not be good to grow, but will give some benefits. Keep at least four saffron plants in your garden at all times, and harvest a small harvest every season.

I grow and harvest my saffron in our south Florida garden, do I need to grow it anywhere?

Yes, grow a small amount in your garden near another saffron plant whenever you do need a bit more. If that is the only bit you grow, then you may never be able to keep them fed with saffron.

Saffron is

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