When should saffron be used? – Growing Saffron Bulbs Indoors

A. Saffron is used as a spice and in cooking in small quantities. It is used in salad dressings, may be used as a garnish in soups. And, sometimes, saffron is used in cosmetics as an oil or as a food flavouring, but for the most part, it can be used in salads, as well as in pastas, soups and stews. B. It can be useful as a spice and flavouring in a salad dressing and sometimes cooked as a condiment and so far has not caused any allergy problems in the UK. C. It is used as a spice and is safe for your skin and mouth. D. It is quite useful in making salads and soups. A little bit is safe, but the rest is not really, so it is better to use a spice of sufficient quantity rather than using too little in a dish, so keep an eye on the amount and taste what you’re getting! E. A little can have a negative effect on the taste. I. It can cause headaches after consuming too much, so I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. You don’t have to worry about that, but if you are sensitive to saffron and/or have experienced headaches from consuming too much, then it wouldn’t be wise to take as much as you think you need! F. It is a bit bitter, but a small amount will be fine. G. You can keep the extra as a sprinkle on your salads and in your soups. It will not cause you any allergic reaction, but if you are concerned about your personal health and safety, then I recommend to take a little to make the taste of your salad taste lighter. H. I never get any allergic reactions from drinking saffron. I. In the UK, it is only OK to consume saffron with meals and a little bit of saffron is ok to consume with desserts like cakes, pies and cupcakes. K. If you are concerned about the smell in your kitchen, then it is not safe to consume large quantities of saffron. In general, a little bit is safe. L. Use saffron when cooking and in preparing recipes. It is safer than most spices and the taste is very similar to spices. M. The best way to use it in making breads, pies and cakes is in the middle of a meal and then consume after the meal has been consumed. This method is very popular and will not cause much worry.

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