When can I divide saffron bulbs? – Growing Saffron In Washington State

You can buy saffron bulbs at most supermarkets and in many food-service establishments that sell them in season.

If you need saffron bulbs for decorative purposes, saffron bulbs may come in pairs when you buy saffron from the market.

In most households, you can split a saffron bulb into two sections – one to make a small bouquet and the other for decoration.

What should I put into saffron?

You may put some leaves in saffron.

You may also put some sugar or even honey in the bulb as a sweetener to make a savoury drink.

Safranine from the flowers is not recommended for use in traditional Indian cuisine. Please use this when possible

What should I do with dried saffron?

You can use it to make a paste made from sesame seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cardamon, rosewater and ginger. If you are trying to make pomegranates, you may also use dried and chopped turmeric, cardamom, clove and cardamon.

Do I need to soak saffron bulbs?

Yes, saffron bulbs do need to be immersed in water – but the idea is to keep them moist and the best way is to put out the bulb in the afternoon.

How to make sashimi with saffron

I would like to make sashimi without having to heat the ingredients in boiling water.

I have not found any recipes on this topic. What can I do?

Try this recipe instead:

I have a question about Saffron that is not answered by the above. What does the above answer?

My question is about sesame – what kind of sesame do you use for sashimi?

The following answer is also not about sesame but more about saffron bulbs.

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