What month is saffron harvested? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds From China

What crops are cultivated with saffron? How much is saffron cultivated?

How much water is required for the growth of saffron?

Can I use saffron as a fertiliser? What is the health risk with use of saffron as a fertilizer?

What types of seeds are used to produce saffron? Where can I get saffron seeds?

How much saffron can be grown in a season? What is saffron production at different stages of saffron production?

What is the maximum yield of saffron?

What is the harvest and harvest rate of saffron? How much does the harvest of saffron vary from year to year? What factors influence these values?

How is the saffron quality evaluated? Can other chemicals used in the production of saffron be used to make saffron less harsh to the taste?

How much heat is required to make saffron? What is the heat requirements of saffron?

I can’t get saffron out of the ground, are there other ways of drying saffron?

My business needs saffron or how do I find one? Where can I buy saffron grown in India?

What is saffron cultivation? Why is this important? Why does India demand so much of saffron?

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