What happens if you eat too much saffron? – How To Harvest Saffron

It’s called “Saffron Heartburn” and it can lead to heart attack and even death. And if that’s not enough, it can cause other serious health issues, like constipation.

The fact so many people eat so much saffron and not get enough heart health benefits is just wrong. This has been proven by more than one study.

In fact, that’s a major reason why I don’t like saffron, because it’s the most popular spice in the world.

And the good news is, saffron can be easily grown in your garden if you follow the proper guidelines.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Choose the right saffron! If you pick a plant that is a native species of saffron, your plant has probably been in that location for thousands of years. And those native varieties of saffron contain a lot more than just red saffron.

For example, red varieties of saffron contain large amounts of vitamins A, D, and E.

If you grow saffron on the ground, you’ve already picked a good plant!

So, do a google search, and look for saffron that’s native to your region. That will give you some insight as to what the right type of saffron will contain.

Here are the three best plants we recommend:

Northern Green Violet

Blue Pussycat

Northern Sagebrush

Step 2: Purchase a saffron sprig or two. These are your perfect sprigs to store in your cupboard and as gifts! I’ve even created a video tutorial that will show you how.

To make the saffron, you only need two things.

1) You’ll need 5 saffron flower sprigs. If you already own some flower sprigs, you should consider doing a trade for a few of them: If you own a few flower sprigs, this is a great opportunity to invest in some healthy saffron flowers!

2) A lot of saffron is not just saffron flower sprigs. It’s also known as black saffron, red saffron, saffron leaf or saffron herb.

But you also need leaves, buds, stems, powder, etc.. Some of this stuff is available and is called “spice” and is an important

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