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There are three conditions that Saffron need to meet to grow: (1) the temperature must be below freezing; (2) it must be kept above 45°F (7°C), and (3) it must be kept in a well lighted room. Because, the best temperature for Saffron is 50°F in the summer, and it is important that it is growing in an environment that is not too hot. The temperature of the greenhouse needs to be between 40 and 45°F (5 and 6°C), and there must be sunshine at all times of the day and night. The room that is used to grow Saffron needs to be kept at the same temperature as the greenhouse and in the same level of light throughout the day. If you have your Saffron room outdoors you need to keep their environment warm, for good indoor plant growth can be hindered by too hot temperatures. Therefore, you need to keep the temperature below freezing for Saffron and you need to keep it below 45°F (7°C), even in summer, and you need to have strong light at all times of the day but keep it in a well lit room. It also need to be kept between 45º and 50°F (7º and 8ºC), except during the period of peak summer temperatures. Once Saffron starts to grow in your greenhouse, and you have a good quality and you have enough light, you can continue to grow some of the older varieties of Saffron as long as you do not need to grow more fresh Saffron as soon as you have it.

The best place to grow Saffron is in a greenhouse where you have a lot of space in the back part of the greenhouse, which is very close to a garden, where a lot of plants can be grown in very close proximity. It is recommended that you use a larger size of greenhouse than you are accustomed to.

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In a large greenhouse there are sometimes smaller plants that can be grown in a small greenhouse. It is a good idea to grow some fresh Saffron in small greenhouse with little space, as some of Saffron plant are delicate plants and they need more sunlight to grow. You need to provide room for the fresh Saffron plants and it will help them to grow well in their new surroundings, and it will also help your plant to avoid diseases and pests.

There are three common varieties of Saffron that you may want to grow in your home:

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