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The word “chopsticks” actually comes from a Thai word. The word means, literally, “to cut.”

It is very easy, however, to find any of the Thai ingredients below, as long as you know exactly what you want, and use your imagination to come up with something good with what you have in your pantry.

Curry Paste (พ้อบย์ไละฉงวยล)

This is the most popular curry paste around. It is often called Thai Curry Paste

(พ้อบย์ไละฉงวยล). It can easily be bought at most Bangkok grocery stores.


While we tend to think of Chilis as a simple vegetarian curry dish, the recipe has actually evolved over time, as the chilis have been eaten for centuries in Thailand. Most commonly, they are cooked with meat, or sometimes rice.

If you can’t find them available in the Thai market, you can often order online or pick them up a little early at a grocery store.

Chinese Plum Sauce

The Chinese have been using plum sauce since the 13th century, and has become important in Chinese cooking.

It is often used in soups, stews, sauces, etc. A good recipe uses a combination of minced plum, sugar, ginger, garlic, and lime, with some other spices (usually black pepper) to produce a refreshing flavor.


Cilantro is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine, and can be picked right from a can of cilantro, although if you’re looking for fresh, unripe canning jars, go with canned.


To me, the most striking ingredient in Thai cuisine is the fact that most Thai people are wearing yellow shirts, with the majority of Thai women dressing in this particular colour of the shirt (although the Thai ladies are not always wearing yellow).

Some of the most popular sauces are based on ginger.


This is the most ubiquitous spice available, and Thai cuisine simply revolves of a lot of its dishes made with cucumber, and coconut milk. It is also often used to make a ton of Thai curries.


Cilantro is a ubiquitous food ingredient in Thailand

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