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Arthas Menethil (aka Lord of the Undead, Lord of the Scourge) (and his undead minions) was a powerful undead commander of the human Horde forces during the Third War and an important player in the war against the dreadlord Uther the Lightbringer. After being killed, Arthas reigned once again as Lord of the Scourge in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm game.


After the defeat of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil turned against his former master and allied with the Alliance. He was sent by Sylvanas Windrunner to find the Frozen Throne and kill King Varian Wrynn. In the course of his journey through the Broken Isles, Arthas met and befriended Uther. Under Arthas’ rule, the Scourge waged a brutal war, slaughtering anything that dared stand in their way. When the dreadlord Uther the Lightbringer reached the Frozen Throne, Arthas’s undead forces, including Uther’s soul, were released from their prison.

At Uther’s request, Arthas took him, Uther’s body and a small army of undead to Northrend where he held peace talks with the Alliance and brought them to the Frozen Throne to end Uther’s reign. Eventually, the Scourge’s forces were defeated by Uther’s grandson, Prince Arthas, under the pretense of defending the Frozen Throne against a band of adventurers sent to find it. Arthas, however, sent his remaining army to raid and burn the village of Southshore in the hopes that they could be captured and brought to Azjol-Nerub.

Arthas was eventually killed by the Horde in Southshore and his remains were buried beneath the Scourge’s own armies. After the final assault on Azjol-Nerub, the Lich King finally killed Arthas and the army was buried by Uther. Uther’s body was buried with the rest of the undead soldiers at the Frozen Throne.


“It was an oath to end the suffering of the Lich King as I saw fit. The Lich King had given his life to save his master. And to bring me back, at last I did it.” — Arthas Menethil talking to Uther in his mind.[4]

Arthas was a cruel, ruthless, sadistic and sadistic character

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