Is there a cheaper substitute for saffron? – When To Plant Saffron Crocus Bulbs In Australia

A: There was a small saffron producer, Kalaiputra, about 20km from New Delhi near Patna. They were importing the saffron, in very small quantities, to Mumbai and they were about to open the plant in 2016. They were planning to import 50 tonnes of saffron the next year.

Their facility was in the middle of a major road that was being closed and they had to wait months for the factory to open again. This happened because of government policy. The government is trying to make it impossible, and you cannot import saffron and get it, so they are trying to move out of the state. The reason they are moving away will become clear in the next five or six years, and if they do, this will become the largest producer of saffron.

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When I was young, my father and I used to take these trip down to New Guinea, which is sort of like an extended vacation or a backpacking trip. His father was sort of like a backpacking ambassador to all of the world’s best and brightest. And we would go on these backpacking excursions in search of the new and the awesome. I remember the first time we went to the new world, my father took me to the new world.
Save (Lots of!) Money by Growing Your Own Saffron

And then I remember in junior high school as I was coming of age and when we weren’t in the area the country I lived in, we’d go on these treks to New Guinea which is sort of a bit different that New York because it was just flat and flat and flat and flat and flat. And that was a real trip for me, because New Guinea is just, it’s sort of like a place that you just can’t imagine. It’s just not real. It’s just not. And it would be just like, it’s such a stark, kind of austere and just not realistic thing, so I remember that feeling in junior high. But as I was older I would

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