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What is a bougainvillea or sprig of bougainvillea? What is the difference between a bougainvillea and saffron?

The difference between bougainvillea and saffron is that bougainvillea is usually purple, while saffron is usually yellow. If you are interested in learning the differences between these two flowers, feel free to check out these two photos below.

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Stands up to the UV rays like no other color

The color is a vivid green

A white blossom is the symbol of this color

The stems often have a purple or yellow edge


Stands down the UV rays like no other color

Has the same color as bougainvillea

A vibrant yellowish yellow stem

An orange, flower that resembles saffron (or pink.)

The color of a bougainvillea is similar to an achiote plant or dahlia, the flowers of a native California shrub

Why would people use saffron?

Stands up to sunlight

Tends to make the skin look soft

Holds the odor of perfume or citrus

Where can I buy saffron?

A new study has found that people who smoke in Japan are more likely to die from lung cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis, and chronic respiratory disease than those who do not smoke.

An analysis of 2,500 deaths recorded in the Japanese National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) between 1981 and 2001 found that men exposed to secondhand smoke were 42 percent more likely than non-smokers to have lung cancer, and a whopping 89 percent more likely to develop heart disease.

The study was conducted by the Centre for Health Economics at the University of Tokushima, Hokkaido, and included about 1.7 million men who were between the ages of 16 and 59 when the study was conducted. In total, the researchers estimated 1,744,000 deaths from lung cancer and 60,000 from heart disease from the study.

This is the first time a national government study has taken into account death rates by type of smoking. This is especially significant in Japan, as first-hand lung cancer and secondhand smoke can be extremely difficult

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