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The main ingredient in saffron is saffron itself. It’s a green-colored stone, often found in an ointment called saffron oil. It contains the plant’s resin and is sold as a lotion.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found that I’d be using saffron as the main ingredient in a homemade soap.

After some reading and watching YouTube videos and reading about some homemade soap recipes, I decided to use 1 cup of saffron per 5 cups of water. It’s a low-sodium oil oil, and it’s extremely good for skin. My husband loves it, too. He tells me it’s so good, he uses it every day in the morning and dinner.

How much saffron do I need? The answer is 1 to 3 teaspoon per quart of water, according to the “How Much” section on the back of the package. The saffron content depends on the type of saffron you buy. The most widely available ones are saffron “Pineapple” and “Red Wine Spice” saffron. The one I’d choose if I wanted to use it in a soap: “Saffron Pink.” It’s a little less saffrony than the more expensive varieties.
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How much is too much? The saffron content in saffron oil varies widely. It depends on how much the oils have been saffroned or powdered. Too much saffron can give your skin a strong scent, especially if you’re not sensitive to it. Too little can be irritating and may cause allergic reactions. And too much can dry out your skin so fast that you don’t notice a difference.

How can I measure how much to use? A tablespoon or 2 tablespoons should supply roughly 6 ounces of pure liquid saffron oil. A cup or 2 cups should be enough to make 5 to 8 bars—use the same proportions when making a 1 pound load.

Can I make soap using plain, unscented soap? If you’re doing a soap like you would make your own baby soap or tonic, you will probably need some sodium benzoate or sodium benzoate-monobutyl benzoate or sodium benzoate or sodium benzoate-benzoate. In general, you can find these in most drug stores and supermarkets. They’re about 99 cents each, so that’s about 3/4 teaspoon per quart of water

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