Is saffron yellow? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seats And Stools


I think brown saffron yellow is a better hue for the body of a bengal tiger then brown or yellow saffron yellow, although brown may come in handy.

The colour of a Bengal tiger will often change with the amount of body oil (or blood) a tiger has absorbed from their prey. If you ever see two tigers at the same stage (usually the one that is just a tawny and has oil on it), then you are most likely going to see a brown tiger with green tawny eyes.

I have come across people who claim to have seen some very interesting brown or golden yellow tigers with brown tawny eyes, but these people tend to see both brown and yellow. It’s always easiest to think of a tiger with brown eyes as if its in the shade.

A golden yellow tiger with black or grey tawny eyes is a completely different tiger then any black or grey tiger seen with brown or yellow eyes.

The brown hue of the eyes of a tiger is a natural colouration. What makes them so distinctive is that it is derived from the colour of their pelt, and is not influenced by pigments such as oils, which would make it appear orange, blue or purple.

We are seeing more and more large, spotted tigers in the West, but a significant amount are being bred in the East, so the brown hue is only ever seen in those breeds where there is too much breeding and little natural selection for the colour.


I have worked in a breed called Madras Tiger and I have seen several tigers with brown or yellow eyes. The brown colouring on these tigers is caused by the accumulation of oil between the brown and yellow parts of the pelt. This is not the same as the colour of eyes, which is naturally black or grey.

Brown tawny eyes are due to the tawny pigment forming a thin layer under yellow pigment (grey).

Brown tawny eyes are usually associated with the tawny colour.

However there is evidence for brown to yellow tiger colors.

There are black spotted tigers, red tigers, yellow tigers, green tigers, as well as blue ones. These markings can go both ways – the colour may be the tawny pattern, or the red pattern. Some colour patterned tigers may have both sides, but the colour can look the same.

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