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Most, if not all, of the saffron used in cosmetics comes from India, and is also often imported from nearby countries such as Nepal and Pakistan. When it comes to colour, the colour itself is not the important thing. What’s significant here, at least in my eyes, is the level of quality in the raw material used.

Saffron is a fine-grained yellow metal, often described as a gold like colour. This means that it naturally has a higher melting point than most metals such as silver. Therefore, saffron is naturally darker than typical silver jewellery.

In terms of quality, saffron is a diamond in a necklace, if not in a ring as it is also a fine metal. That is the main reason why saffron is seen as a gem in jewellery.

Saffron has a unique, strong, natural scent which helps soothe the skin. It is also rich in vitamins A and C, which have been shown to help treat a wide range of conditions – such as allergies, arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure. It’s a great food-saver, too, as saffron is not considered harmful to eat.

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To be honest, there aren’t many saffron brands out there. There are a few large companies that have the luxury to offer this popular colour. You may be lucky enough to have one of their products in your makeup bag, perhaps as a gift. Or you may even find these products in a discount shop for sale! Saffron is a colour we like, but we can’t get enough of this natural gem, and the fact that it can be found in so many different kinds of cosmetic products makes it very popular with the beauty industry.

I’d love to know, which of these popular colours would you wear best, and how do you feel about it? Which one do you think does just as well as the other two? Or how will you wear them?

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