Is saffron red or yellow? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seatsaver

Let me choose saffron.

Saffron red, saffron yellow, saffron green, saffron blue, saffron purple – which colour?

I like saffron. I can smell or taste it.

What is an Indian dish – how to make it?

In a spicy and thick tomato sauce.

What is a Kannada dish? How to make it?

A delicious Kannada sweet.

Puneese is good – kurma kosad and red chilli sauce kolhapuri are good. Why is there a difference between Kannada and Kannada kerala?

That is where we come in. Kannada means a southern dialect tongue. It has many regional languages. And we have many languages which are not related to the South Tamil language. Our language is called Kannada. This is where Kannada comes in. Tamil has also got its own dialect as well. Tamil kerala has got its own dialect. This is so that a Kannada person speaks just like he or she speaks Tamil.

Is there such a thing as Saffron? What is saffron powder?

It’s an aromatic powder. What happens is, it turns into an oil. And then it becomes a syrup or a tea, which is the spice and there is a spice called as peraza that is not saffron and so the word does not make sense. There is saffron. Saffron is called in the south as peraza. It is not saffron in the south as peraza is a very different plant. But, it is not the same plant and it isn’t the same spice. So saffron in Kerala also is a spice and the saffron plant has been in Kerala for a long time. There was the saffron factory in Kerala till the 1860s. They made saffron and we came there and started eating saffron and the saffron we brought is also the same. It’s very different in the south. That’s why we called it saffron in kerala.

Does saffron work differently in Kerala than in India?

That is a big difference between our culture and India’s. The south is more like western culture. I have found that when people come here, some people go to a saffron shop and eat a small bit of saffron.

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