Is saffron flower the same as saffron? – Usa Saffron

Answer A: Saffron is not the same as saffron, and there is nothing to say that a leaf of saffron would smell or taste the same as leaves of saffron, because saffron is a flower and the flower is what we call a seed.

A: In other words, saffron is just a flower.

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A: It’s just a flower.

Q: What’s called saffron and what is it derived from? Answer A: It’s just the flower, saffron is only one of the many plants that produce the dye.

A: It’s only one of many different plants that produce it.

Q: What do ‘beaded’ and ‘beaded’ mean? Answer A: ‘Beaded’ and ‘beaded’ are terms used to show that there are ‘beads’ (or beads) on the flower. For example, a flower with just a ‘beaded base’ is called ‘bare-beaded’ and has a simple yellow base with little or no beads. A flower that has a ‘beaded’ base with a few beads and then some beads that fall out, known as ‘beaded’ is known as ‘beaded’ or ‘beaded-beaded’ and has the same type of base as the flowers ‘bare-beaded (beaded)’. Also, ‘beaded’ means that the base is full of smaller beads, while, ‘beaded’ means that it is just a single flower with no beads.

Q: What do we have here? Answer A: The word ‘bead’ is not used in the English language as a suffix, so we must use the word ‘base’ to label this flower. The base for these flowers is simply a yellow base covered with smaller, bigger beads.

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