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No, saffron is a distinct species of flower belonging to the mint family. It is similar to the common name “Saffron”. As a result, it is possible to distinguish a common saffron flower by observing a difference at its base.

What kind of saffron do you like?

Saffron flower has a sweet smelling aroma that attracts many. However, the taste is quite different from other flowers. The saffron flower is also called “Saffron”. The flower is the main ingredient of saffron tea. It has a fragrance and taste that makes saffron tea taste special.

How long does a saffron flower last?

Saffron flower is a blooming plant that lasts up to six months. The saffron flower can bloom in different seasons. However, the taste and the fragrance of saffron will last for quite long. If you prefer to enjoy the flower in wintertime, it can bloom in spring and summer.

I live in the area of the capital city. Is it necessary to get a permit for the flower to bloom?

It is not advisable to get a permit for saffron in the area of the capital city because of safety risk. This is because people from more distant areas may not feel the fragrance of the saffron on the scent. People from the area of the city do not smell or feel the scent of the perfume of saffron.

What do I need to know about saffron, what should I expect from it etc?

To appreciate the flowers from the saffron garden you will need to know a little about it. In order to appreciate its fragrance, you will need to smell it and know that you have a chance to see the flowers bloom. The flowers of saffron are very fragrant and can attract a lot of people on its trail across the city. The saffron is a unique flower species that smells delicious. As a result, it makes a pretty attractive fragrance for all to appreciate. You can also enjoy the fragrance of saffron tea. It is said that people of the western part of Kashmir have developed a special affinity for this special flower. In addition, the floral fragrance of saffron helps to promote good health of one’s body, promotes good vision of the eye, and helps to cure diseases. The fragrance plays a role in the prevention of skin diseases, eye diseases, and helps to help prevent the

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