Is Iranian saffron illegal? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seatstir

The issue is whether the material could be found on a list of banned products, which could lead to a ban on imports, and how much the saffron itself had to be exported for that ban to be enacted.

At least one other country in the area (Maghreb) also exports saffron, but the substance has been declared a controlled substance.

Who exports Iran saffron?

Iran is the dominant commercial consumer of saffron in the region, with most of its annual export coming from the Persian Gulf state of Iran, according to its national food and fruit commission.

Maghreb is Iran’s main producer and exporter, although neighbouring countries such as Bahrain and Turkey also export the yellow spice, albeit in lesser quantities.

The UK is a close partner of the Iranian government and imports saffron into the country, despite it being banned, which is often exported.

Iran says it sells around 400 tonnes every year, though experts say the figure is likely far higher, and that there is a substantial gap between Iran’s import figures and the domestic figure.

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