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By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 USCA § 1701 [d] [22 USCA § 811]), and notwithstanding any agreement or requirement of law to the contrary, the Secretary of State is hereby authorized to use all means within the United States Government’s power to enforce this letter.

It is the purpose and determination of the United States to help the affected countries in the development and operation of the International Crisis Management Board. The United States will be a strong and active partner in the operation of the Board. At the same time, the United States will consider cooperation with other nations on the resolution of the crisis. To achieve this outcome, the United States will be able to do more than we do today: it will find partners to help with the operations of the Board at the lowest political and economic levels that are acceptable to those countries that have the most to gain from cooperation.

For these reasons and more, I hereby direct the Secretary of State to provide assistance for these affected countries.

I am also directing the Secretary of State to provide assistance for the purposes of assisting the Governments of Iran and Libya, and those Governments with whose support and cooperation the United States has made an agreement concerning the use of financial and logistic supports to Iran, to be approved by President Obama and by the Congress as necessary.

To meet the specific requirements of the crisis, which I call the “Iranian Sanctions Resolve” crisis, additional military and other support will be provided by the United States.

In addition to the steps outlined here, the United States and other countries will provide economic, diplomatic, and other support for international stabilization, reconstruction, development, financial, economic, logistical, and medical assistance to Iran and Libyan governments and their respective people, including assistance of a form in direct assistance.

We will ensure that these assistance programs are cost-effective by identifying the specific projects and efforts that cannot be undertaken without these support, adjusting the support levels to avoid unnecessary duplication, and by reducing the level of support for countries that cannot sustainably provide necessary support.

While these programs will include support for individuals and activities, as well as other support elements, they will be directed to support the political, economic, and military objectives that will help the affected countries address the Iranian Sanctions Resolve crisis in a coordinated and effective manner.

In cooperation with the United Nations Security Council, the International Coalition

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