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No – it’s just not allowed in the UK – why should those countries be allowed to put its colours on their passports?

Well, I couldn’t think of a reason for the ban other than the fact that the colours and pictures of saffron are considered a ‘controversial’ religious image, which the British state considers to be ‘dangerous’. (What could be more ‘dangerous’ then seeing a group of saffron-wearing Jews on their birthdays at the British embassy?) A bit of research suggests that, given they are made from the seeds of the spice plant, it’s quite easy to identify and find.

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A good article on this topic is the article by John Aravosis.

A few decades after this ban was introduced, other Muslim countries such as Iran and Turkey have made a move to ban colour-coded passports. The main reason being the colour-coded passports. (The other reason being that saffron has been associated with Communism for so many years – even though it’s nothing of the kind.)

I would like to propose a small but very practical solution:

I believe that for the sake of peace, unity, and the general well-being of our great nation and people, perhaps it is time that the British Government stops being such an ignorant bunch for the sake of its own interests. I suggest that it should stop its ban on the colour saffron that they call an ‘illegal’ colour. The banning of saffron is very much against the current trend within the western world of banning all ‘un-Islamic’ cultural groups. For example, Muslims have been fighting against the banning of ‘pink’ in the west in Britain. I propose that the Government should remove the colour saffron from its list of forbidden colours as it is a perfectly legitimate colour. The ban on saffron is a serious problem as it prevents the UK’s Muslim youths, as well as British Muslims from getting to know the wonderful diversity of Islam across the world.

This is a simple little idea that may prevent our people from getting to know the wonderful people of our glorious nation…

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