Is growing saffron legal? – Saffron Crocus Planting Time

There are two main legal types of saffron: unroasted and roasted. It’s an interesting distinction, because it’s a matter of taste versus nutritional value.

Unroasted saffron can contain much healthier minerals — calcium, magnesium and potassium — than roasted, which is the type most people think of when they think of saffron.

Unroasted saffron can contain the vitamin A compound astaxanthin. (Astaxanthin is the ingredient that makes red meat taste red.) It’s also an antioxidant: it neutralizes free radicals. So, saffron is good for you. Unroasted saffron can also contain vitamin K. In theory, it’s also good for you.
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It’s possible that, in the past, unroasted saffron has come from areas of the world where traditional farmers have traditionally grown it, not from plants growing in the fields as it’s grown in the U.S.

According to one website, “The practice of roasting unroasted saffron began in India in the 1960s. The seeds are harvested, mixed with water and boiled, usually on a spit. The seeds are then ground and used in curries, and are considered a ‘traditional’ ingredient in a number of dishes, including currywort. When people began to cultivate the seeds, farmers began to grow the seeds in large quantities to be used in various dishes.”

Does consuming saffron make you feel better?

It’s easy to get used to a certain kind of flavor, but one thing that can get annoying is the saffron-infused tea, with the aroma of saffron. For that reason, I like saffron juice instead. Many saffron-infused products, including the brand of tea I grew up drinking, include the dried leaves and seeds.

So, saffron is really about taste—it tastes good to me and is great for your health.

Can consuming saffron make you bald?

Yes. I’ve had people tell me while growing up that saffron makes their hair grow a bit longer.

The reason it does that is it inhibits the hair follicle to produce a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT plays a role in both male and female reproduction. By making you bald, you may have a decrease of your testosterone.

It can sometimes be frustrating,

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