Is growing saffron legal? – Buy Saffron Crocus Bulbs

“There are no regulatory bodies governing the growing of saffron. However, there are several organisations, including the Royal Family of India, which have a licence permitting the practice.

“The main reason being to control the spread of diseases and insects,” Kumar said.

What’s the main benefit of the saffron plant?

Saffron is believed to be a natural remedy for a host of health issues, including arthritis, gallstones, high blood pressure, and kidney disease and cancer.

The colour and flavour of saffron are said to be anti-carcinogenic, while the seeds also contain antibacterial properties that are used to treat stomach ulcers and as an antiseptic.

Saffron seeds are being used medicinally in India and there are several Indian products on the market now that have been produced to use in their traditional medicine, such as the channa (a traditional dish made by boiling saffron, turmeric and garlic) and the curry.

Is it safe to eat saffron?

Yes. According to the Indian government, saffron is a non-toxic food additive to the food chain that has been used in traditional medicines for centuries.

“The colour of saffron is an antiseptic that helps to prevent infection because of the high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins,” Gopal said. “When eating saffron leaves you should drink several glasses of water because in the process of grinding the saffron leaves, the water may leave behind an astringent residue that can irritate the eyes.”

So for people who are keen to avoid eye irritation after consuming saffron leaves, Gopal advises not to consume the entire stalk but just the seeds, leaving the saffron to dry out, rather than the whole leaves.

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