How often does Saffron bloom? – Saffron Crocus Bulbs

Saffron is most commonly grown as an ornamental for bouquets, roses and the like. It is also used for flavouring food and drink. Saffron flowers are quite fragrant; however, it is only after the flower has blossomed that they become a lot more unpleasant. The stamens of the purple flowers are quite small (approximately 1/2 of an inch in diameter) (see picture below). The stamens are so thin that they don’t even have a single ray; they are actually transparent. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully remove them and expose the flower petals (see picture). It can be very difficult to do as the flower does not have much of a flower stalk. Instead of trying to remove the stamens, just gently massage the flower stem to remove any small particles. The stamens on the purple flowers are more prone to breaking if left in the flower too long. The flowers will usually bloom more frequently, especially in spring and summer.

Why Do Flowers Blooms in Spring?

For the same reason that fruits bloom in May, we expect to find that the flowers appear in spring in many parts of India (see pic below). Some flowers such as Saffron have a very short growing season, hence, we can expect the first flowers to appear at the end of February (April and May). The first bloom tends to be larger than others, and it could be that the larger flowers have much longer blooms on their blossoms. The flower stems will also have much longer stems. This will make the flower more difficult to remove. The flowers are most difficult to find in March (June and July) as if there was a lot of frost in the area, it is hard to find them (see pic below).

Plum Blossoms in Summer

Plum blossoms are especially fun to find. Plum blossoms bloom in the summer months, and they have a beautiful fragrance. Plum bloom is actually caused by the combination of the two varieties of purple flowers (see pic above). Plum blossoms need time to recover from the winter and so, they don’t bloom as often as they did last year. Plum blossoms have an orange-red colour whereas the purple flowers have a cream-coloured hue. Plum blossoms have a beautiful scent which will give you an incredible rush.

Why Flowering Blossom is Slow

Plum blossoms can take up to 3 years to bloom. This may seem

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