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Saffron grows in a variety of locations, so it is often not just found in gardens or flower markets. It is grown as a garnish, in the spice trade, and in many countries. Most commercial growers are not aware of this, however.

Saffron is available commercially as a food and garnish, or it can be grown in the spice industry and may be used to help perfume foods. In the spice trade (and in the spice industry in general), there are companies that specialize in processing it, which is known as “spice,” or “lemon spice,” or “sexy” spice. They might be more interested in it making the packaging for their products, but this may not always be the case.

There are two varieties of Saffron (or “sexy” or “fresh” Saffron). The one that is commonly used is called “sexy Saffron” (because it is very pretty and very fragrant), which has an average fragrance level of 10 to 16 on an intensity scale of 0 to 10. In that range of strength, Saffron is considered fairly strong. The other variety, “candy” or “fresh” Saffron, has a fragrance level of just 4 to 9 on an intensity scale of 0 to 4.

In its native climate, where it is a perennial, saffron flowers in mid spring and is still blooming at that time on the vine by the time the seeds have hatched. For this reason, saffron is often harvested on time because flowers are still being produced. This usually occurs at the end of May.

Is saffron very expensive?

Yes and no. If you plan on purchasing a lot of saffron, it can be expensive if it can be shipped in bulk or if the saffron you purchase can be used in large quantities. You can see a chart on the market in an article posted on the websites of various companies.

If you plan on eating a lot of saffron, there also are a number of recipes that call for saffron (even using spices that are not Saffron), so there really is no need to pay any attention to the price.

Another thing to remember is that you can enjoy saffron as a side dish, or a dessert and you don’t need to be a very well-known chef. Just substitute sesame oil for the oil used in sherry whiskey, and

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