How much does 1 kg of saffron cost? – Buy Saffron Crocus Bulbs

How do saffron prices change throughout the year?

As the price of saffron increases in India, it is likely to go up further. The highest price of saffron is in February, when the price is around Rs 10,000 for 1 kg (around Rs 1,500 per kg in 2011). The lowest price of saffron is in October, when the price is at Rs 2,000 (approximately the same today).

Where do saffron prices fluctuate most? – South Asia

South Asia is likely to host the biggest saffron market due to the availability of high-quality saffron (particularly with an industrial-scale production), the availability of land, and the high population density in the region. Saffron can be used for textile products such as shawls, shawl caps, turbans and tassels. The saffron is also used for making the saffron dye for dye houses.

What products of saffron do you use?

Catering and service industries in the region have developed rapidly, making it attractive to producers. In South Asia, approximately 30% of the industry is concentrated in Tamil Nadu, followed by Karnataka and Kerala. For industrial use, saffron is grown mainly in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in India.

What companies, industries and services use saffron?

Although saffron is not an expensive ingredient used for food, it is one of the most widely used spices in Asia. The top two brands, Cusco and Sosco, are household names in South Asia.

Do you have a list of important brands you can recommend to our Readers?

The readers of the Economic Times will remember Mr K Seshasayee, who advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he launched the ‘Mission 4 Food Security and Nutrition’, which was one of Kannada’s major anti-poverty initiatives. This list was also prepared with a few years of experience, as we were able to learn a lot from the list and identify some new brands.

Which brand of dosa would you recommend to our Readers?

The two biggest dosa brands are Gomenti and Naniwala. These companies have been around for over 100 years and have been instrumental in leading a number of the biggest dosa chains in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Gomenti and Naniwala have been the

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