How much can you make growing saffron? – Fedco Saffron

A: About 35 pounds per hectare (75 acres) per year. If your growing environment is very hot, a good grow area will have about 2.25 inches of snow or dryland. The easiest way to get decent amounts of saffron is by making saffron paste from raw saffron. This is a good way to get started, but it requires a lot of money and effort.

Q: Are saffron petals edible?

A: Saffron petals are actually quite toxic and should be kept away from your children, pets, and pets who also like to eat them. The dried petals may be cooked in a skillet with other foods, but don’t eat it.

Q: Is the skin on a saffron plant edible?

A: Yes, the skin on a saffron plant is edible. You could use it as an ornamental leaf, or boil some of the skin off for a saffron salad. You could also eat the dried petals in soups.

Q: How much salt do I need to use with saffron?

A: We generally recommend 1 teaspoon (4 grams) per 1/2 cup of water. That’s about the same amount of salt I use when I cook with salt in the kitchen. If you are using saffron as a food, this is too high for use in soups or desserts.

Q: Are saffron seeds edible?

A: Yes, saffron seeds can be cooked and eaten.

Q: Does cooking saffron kill it?

A: All edible plants should be harvested right after they are harvested, and no seeds should go to waste. Cooking saffron kills certain varieties that have gotten bitter and may take up to a month or more to recover.

Q: Is saffron good for your health?

A: Saffron is generally a good source of antioxidants, high levels of potassium, and may help with weight loss. This is a great food to eat for your blood pressure and diabetes control, because it can help you regulate your appetite and control your diabetes.

Q: Where can I buy saffron seeds?

A: Seeds are often very expensive with high shipping costs. There are several reputable online sellers, but be sure to ask them about how you will be treated if they sell them to you. If you do buy seeds, make

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