How does saffron taste? – Can You Grow Saffron Crocus Indoors

“I don’t really taste saffron, but that’s not as big an issue as I thought it was. I don’t think saffron is a significant taste for me,” she said.

She didn’t use saffron as her cooking spice at her restaurants. She makes her own herbs, she said.

“My favorite spice is thyme, and I use a lot of thyme,” she said. “It’s not a speciality of mine for anything. It’s just what I like.

“I don’t use saffron as a spice. It’s not like I’m trying to show that I’m a chef. I just like herb.”

She likes cooking with herbs that are mild and spicy, she said. For example, a red pepper.

“I like saffron and a little more spicy stuff, a spicier pepper,” she said.

“I don’t like it as a spice in everything. But I like it in a little bit of everything, so I’ll let them marinate a little bit.

“You can get really good quality and you can get really good price for saffron,” she said.

She can also get it used as a condiment. “They cook it for four to six days because that’s how long you can really get good flavor,” she said.

“People who are allergic to it may get some kind of allergy relief. If it’s just not something you normally eat, don’t overdo it with it. You can’t do a lot with saffron. You only get like a fifth of what you use it for,” she said.

Baker will cook with onions and garlic and sprinkle dried herbs, but not a lot, like herbs that have been marinated and then added to soups. If she does add it to food, she will let it sit out awhile until just before serving.

“As a chef, I’ll take some of it out and use my favorite seasonings,” she said. “Saffron isn’t in my regular seasonings.”
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The cost of saffron and other herbs goes up when you buy big quantities, she said.

“As I use them, they go up,” she said. “It’s a bit cheaper. Because I buy them the day or two before I plan to use them.”

She will buy a small amount each time, so she

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