How do you plant saffron seeds? – Saffron Planting Machine

Which way do you plant them?

There are 2 ways to plant saffron saffron seeds in the garden for two reasons: 1. It’s a great herb to grow on your balcony because it grows at a good temperature in the summer and winter (70-80 degrees), and 2. It grows on your back deck, on the side and on the roof. You could plant saffron in the sun-to-room temperature (90 to 100 degrees) setting, but this is too hot for the ground of the saffron plants. You can plant the seeds about 2.5 or 3 ft in diameter, and 5 to 10 ft high. The height of the saffron is important to ensure that it is exposed to the sun. But I really do recommend you look for seed varieties that are at least 5 to 10 to 11 inches high. The sun-to-room temperature setting of saffron needs to be about 85/10.5 or 85/10. You can also grow saffron in a greenhouse on 20 gallon pots, but this is really where the flavor and longevity of saffron really shines. Keep in mind that you should not grow saffron in pots or grow it on glass. For these reasons I would recommend you start with saffron seed in the garden. This is where you will get the most flavor from your saffron saffron. If all is well, you can plant the saffron seeds at 3 weeks to a month old. You can start them on a sunny or shady corner, but you will do the highest concentration of the herb and you can harvest the saffron at the same time.

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Saffron is a beautiful herb! How do we harvest saffron?

If you are interested in using saffron in foods or for cooking you are going to have to prepare some basic cooking techniques. You will need to dry saffron for at least seven days. You can keep it dried inside; but you have to protect the seeds for at least seven days before using the finished herb. You should then crush the saffron seeds until the aroma or smell is stronger. It takes a lot of skill to produce the right odor for saffron. You can find the most flavorful saffron in the mountains of Sri-Lanka, Bhutan and the Himalayas. The aroma can go as far as over 100 miles away. After crushing the seed you should throw it in a mortar and pest

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