Does saffron taste like plastic? – Saffron Plant Growing Time

Is that why every other brand of soap has a hint of spice?

I mean, saffron is just like plastic – it can taste like plastic, it can feel like plastic, it can move like plastic, you know?

Yeah, maybe it’s just the smell, but saffron smells amazing.

I’m sure you’re right, though. Saffron is just too good to pass up. Can you imagine your typical morning in the Mediterranean? Saffron smells like freshly gathered plants, and a good cup of coffee has you smelling like a rose garden. It’s all of that – plus, the mint and citrus from the plant makes it one of the best smelling essential oils on Earth.

This is what saffron smells like on paper.

Oh, and did I mention that saffron flowers are one of the oldest medicinal plants in the entire Western world? That’s right – I’m sorry. Soil saffron is a perennial and grows in every corner of the world. There’s so much to it, it’s actually a pretty unique plant.

So I’m guessing your mind-body connection could be something like, I’m not wearing leather, or I’m only making a small mess in my kitchen, or I just feel super-charged today because saffron was used to create the miracle plant.

All of those possibilities make it easy to think about that beautiful feeling of a saffron sunrise as the perfect excuse to have a lovely garden.

Do what you love but don’t let it be you – grow saffron

It has to do with the word passion. If you’re not passionate about it, you can’t grow it.

Even in a country that’s pretty traditional, saffron isn’t the only plant you can grow. Growing things isn’t always like growing flowers either – sometimes the soil isn’t ideal, or the temperature is too hot or too cold. Then why wouldn’t you want to explore the myriad ways of growing your dreams?

So, if you’re passionate about plants, then why not just do it? It’s only a short step, right?

You have to have patience, but also the confidence of knowing you’re already doing something awesome.

And the most important thing is to do it.

The most important thing I can tell you is not to get discouraged at the lack of money (you’ll know once you try), not

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