Does saffron raise blood pressure? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Australia

So what is saffron?

Saffron is an excellent herbal supplement which contains potent antidiuretic peptide (ADP) and the alkaloids luteolinand citrulline and is said to enhance blood pressure by suppressing the flow of blood and fluid into the heart (in some species and in a specific type of saffron, the saffron-specific type, the saffron has the same properties in humans). In other words, saffron is a blood pressure treatment, but it is also a very potent anti-diuretic. So saffron and its effects may be beneficial as part of a healthy diet and/or medications that reduce high blood pressure. In some species with a particular genus of Saffron, especially in the genus Arctium, saffron also has blood pressure treatment properties, but I have not tested those here.

Saffron and diuretics

The effects saffron may have on diuretic properties is an extremely complex subject but I will touch on it briefly. Diuretics are chemicals in our body that are designed to move water out of our bodily tissues and into our tissues. As water moves from our blood cells, it goes into our bodies as urine and passes through the kidneys, where many diuretic chemicals are designed to work on the kidneys to flush out the extra fluid. However those diuretic chemicals have to get through their respective cells to their tissues. In fact, those chemicals have to go through the kidneys to get to the liver, kidney, and lungs. Diuretic properties affect different organs within the body in different ways:

(I) the kidneys increase kidney function and thus reduce urination.

(II) the kidneys, in the process of removing excess fluids and toxins from the body, also release urine and, therefore, increase blood pressure.

Thus the kidneys do not work with the kidneys. This is called “non-specific effects”. This means all the kidneys do the same thing, and we all do a bit differently to compensate for different factors! It does not matter what the kidneys do, so long as they are operating correctly. If the kidneys are non-specific they will not work with the kidneys. However saffron and its properties are said to work with the kidneys. You could add anything you want to it but the “non-specific effects” will work with the kidneys as well. If this doesn’t sound right to you,

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