Can you eat the saffron threads? – Spring Crocus Saffron

I’m really going to miss it. It’s like that time of the year when you say it’s your family tradition to eat saffron on the 23rd — you get a bunch of friends and eat like you’re going to a nice dinner. And then the first few days you think you are done, maybe it’s a little better? The first couple of days it was like I am tired of it, I like it but at the end of the first week I’ll be like let me just have a bite to kick it off. But the next couple of days was definitely the best because that’s when it started to grow on me.

My girlfriend and I had been talking and we thought we should give it a shot. So we got to the grocery store yesterday to buy and the guy behind the register said, “Can you eat the saffron threads?” We said yes but his face just kind of fell, he could not see past my skin and he said “What are you talking about?” We had to give the saffron thread a second look. I’m like, well, this is what it’s about. People always say “there are no saffron threads in Italy,” but this is one of those cultures, where you can actually smell it and it’s there. It’s really good, it’s a lot stronger than the saffron that you eat normally. It’s that spicy stuff that’s almost like a peppermint. And I felt like this was a better option for our recipe.

Did you make the saffron threads yourself or did they come from the store?

Yes! My aunt has made it, my mother has made it and my cousin makes it with honey. My grandmother makes it with saffron, but I just used whatever was in the store. This is probably like the only saffron that’s made in Italy. We have been making it for all this time and if I make it every day instead of once or twice a week, then I might even have been able to save some money because we didn’t have to pay about $0.50 a thread.

Can you talk about the actual saffron?

Saffron is actually pretty pretty simple to work with. Saffron thread is like a thread and it’s actually just like a thick, long yarn. So I would start with it, you would put the saffron thread in a plastic pot and then add a teaspoon of salt and bring it

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