Can saffron grow in greenhouse? – Usa Saffron

Yes or no? Yes saffron will grow in the greenhouse.

“The best time to buy saffron is before harvest,” says Rui. “Once it is in the greenhouse environment it can start growing and you can use every seed from the crop in the future.

A few months ago, I was browsing through the YouTube channel of an Indian television journalist who did a great job keeping track of the Indian media, in the days of the Indian press, when his attention was captured by something on the screen. He didn’t know what that was, but he had his camera and was recording the live event. We have an Indian journalist in the house, I was told, and a Pakistani journalist’s wife is there at home with her kid. They are both in the middle of watching news coverage from India, which is what this journalist had just caught on his screen. This was the one thing on which both journalists were very good. They used to know about Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Now they were showing footage of India.

There were people at both the networks — the reporter and his colleague on the television — who were watching the same live event. And this time, the camera was capturing the same event, from the same perspective from each side. So I asked, the same reporter at the same time, “What about this footage we have on this broadcast, the Pakistani camera being there and the Indian woman filming? Do people think they’re playing into each other’s hands?” He laughed his head off. He said there was nothing in it. It was all about “good reporting at a good time”.

That kind of thinking has not changed a bit in India. When there is something that doesn’t conform to what the anchors and correspondents think, when there is something that the journalists do not like, and then when there is a story that contradicts what is being reported in the media, what has happened is an almost unanimous consensus that it is a piece of bad journalism. One can argue over which of three scenarios or which other scenarios are most likely to bring about such consensus. But all will agree that a journalist is a reporter, especially when there is something that could be bad that they want to keep quiet.

There is another possibility that the reporters get a special access programme and do not have to talk to anybody else. When that happens, some journalists would not be so forthcoming in their interviews. They may be very careful not to talk about that which doesn’t fit with what we want to hear

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