Can saffron grow in greenhouse? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seat Rail

A: Yes, it is very good that it is grown under the cover of trees. The saffron flower is really beautiful. It can be grown in greenhouse, a well-protected area and can be cultivated with good temperature. However, it is not recommended for growing indoors. It is not suitable for indoor gardening because it produces so much heat and can become very hot. It also can produce very strong smell.

How do saffron flower buds grow? Are seeds in saffron flower? A: Yes, there are seeds in saffron flower. They usually do not have fragrance so it can not be cultivated indoors under greenhouse.

Do saffron plants require water? When to keep salt level low? A: This plant is not sensitive to water. They are considered a tropical plant. They do not like too much water as they get full of toxins. It is not a recommended grower for greenhouse. It has to be planted in a well-protected location for a few years. It is very good for keeping low water. After a few years in a well-protected place it can grow very slow.

How to plant saffron in greenhouse? A: When planting saffron plant, it is good to keep low water and let them grow naturally. Only during the third year can they grow really fast.

Are flowers blue in color? What colors are saffron flowers? A: Blue saffron flower is a bright and vibrant color.

Is there a difference between saffron and basil? A: No, there are no differences. It are both herbs. Basil is more mild herb in taste. It is a very good herbal for people who want to use it as a health food.

How to harvest saffron? Can you buy saffron flowers at market? A: They can be bought from markets and it does not require much maintenance so you can plant it easily, but it requires special care .

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