Can saffron grow in greenhouse? – Growing Saffron Bulbs Indoors

We are going to find out. We’re going to discover how fast can saffron grow in a greenhouse.

We’re asking farmers across Kerala to contribute their saffron to the saffron research project. We asked them to share their experience. After this survey was conducted in five farms in Kudukattu district, we are going to share the data with the government.

What was your experience as a farmer in Kerala?

There is a saying in Malayalam, “saffron is the colour of royalty”. We are now sharing this feeling with our farmers, who can prove their saffron on the survey.

We’ve asked farmers to contribute their saffron at their own discretion. They will have to wait for a week to collect their saffron. You will be receiving an email from me by tomorrow, June 25, in which we’ll share the data with the government.

This is one more step in my project for better food security in India. My goal is to reduce the price of staple foods in the long run. While it has been my vision to grow enough saffron per hectare to make our farmers food independent, this is the first step towards that.

And if there is a drought in the future, what will happen to the saffron crop?

With my project, we’ll be providing our farmers with food security.

You are not just helping a farmer but also improving the livelihood of the whole generation.

We’re asking farmers to bring back their wealth to the villages. In the future, farmers must be given the right to grow an adequate share of their harvest to benefit their families while also providing a livelihood for their families.

This project will also encourage people in the villages to buy fruits and veggies instead of taking them away.

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The research also aims to understand whether there is a need to increase the price of saffron. The researchers hope to get more people to grow saffron as the yield in the saffron will be better.

How will a saffron farmer feel about this project?

If the project is successful, I believe it will lead to more efficient and organic food consumption. We will no longer have to choose between food and beauty. This will be a healthy way of thinking.

We will also create awareness about saffron, its importance and benefits to the whole population.

Will this project change the way farmers think about

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