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Absolutely not. If you drink the saffron that is on the cup (which you don’t have to drink if you don’t want to! This is the most tasteless saffron tea ever) why am I telling you this? You get one of the most expensive teas in tea production (by one hundredth or so of the average cost of pu-erh tea). You probably won’t pay four times the cost, but you’ll certainly pay four times the cost if you do make the cup yourself. I am writing this not because you are doing it wrong. I am writing this for future students who aren’t currently being told the truth about saffron tea. A lot of them can’t tell the difference between the two! A lot of them can’t tell between the teas that were actually supposed to be good and good enough. They can’t tell the difference between buying cheap chinese teas for the purpose of buying saffron, and buying expensive chinese teas for the purpose of buying chinese tea. But they don’t want to pay the cost for the cheap chinese teas… and I understand how they feel. Now, if you don’t drink the chinese teas on the other hand you probably won’t pay that much for saffron tea. That is also something to think about. I am still doing my own tasting of tea, and since all teas are produced from different farms and some producers have grown their crops differently over the decades, I am trying each variety to see if I can tell that the saffron is not from a large farm that has produced many of their varieties so early. I am not going to tell you how much it would cost to buy the best or most expensive saffron in all the world, but I am trying to get an idea. I did the price in pounds, not dollars. I am just trying to get an idea. I’m not trying to tell you a thing. I am just trying to get an idea of whether or not you should drink saffron tea. You can do it for yourself. Just drink it. If you are new to tea then I can give you a nice quick lesson. If you want a lesson then you should be doing a whole lot of tasting. If you want a quick lesson then I can provide one from my own experience over the past few months drinking some of the most expensive chinese varieties. Now, I do admit that I will be taking some of these into consideration in my
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