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For anyone who has had to retract a leash while walking a dog, it’s really just awful.

The retractable leashes are designed to let any dog walk, run, or leap over a wide path (as opposed to a narrow path). They do that great, flexible, easy-to-carry leash on the ball of its paw! But for dogs who have to jump to get over something, not be able to jump back up, or have to hop over a fence without getting tripped over, the retractable leashes are not just bad. They’re dangerous.

The first reason — they break!

This is bad for puppies, adult dogs. It’s even worse for service dogs, who have to use retractable leashes all day every day for various tasks. No wonder they’re a little nervous, especially the puppies!

Second reason it’s messy!

Even when the dog is right on a platform with its paw in the ground, like a fence or the edge of the car, the leash is often a mess! The dog can’t just unclip the leash and put it back on if something falls or is dragged. It needs to unclip a short leash for its owner to carry over; it’s a mess for the dog to pull itself up, walk to an easy platform, then put it back on. I mean, it’s not like the dog is using this leash like a toy. Yes, the dog likes it. But if you’re going to do something for your dog, do it at least once.

It gets really messy when the dog jumps on something. That’s why it’s important it doesn’t get up when it can’t unclip and just keep walking down the path. Or for some dogs, when it’s walking at a run.
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The end result is that I can’t help but think retractable leashes are dangerous. They can be difficult to get a dog to do everything he or she really wants to do, for no benefit.

The leash needs to be long enough, and it must have something to hold onto for leverage. A retractable leash can’t do everything, but there are few things, if any, that an untrained dog can’t do with a retractable leash.

I’m really thankful I have my dog’s back — I can walk him around barefoot a lot less.

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