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All 50 states require a dog groomer license before you can get a dog grooming license. Most states require all dogs to be sterilized prior to being licensed as a groomer. Most states require a license for all dogs over 7 months old. Most do not require a dog grooming license to be bonded.

Can I get a dog grooming license in some other place?

Yes, there are some states where you can obtain a license, regardless of where you live. Please take a time to check where your state is, as certain states have different requirements.

How do I apply for a dog grooming license in my State?

There are a number of ways you can get a dog grooming license on the Internet. Please refer to our dog grooming website for complete information.

Where is the state I can apply for a dog grooming license in?

You should have access to the following information in order to apply for a dog grooming license:

1. The name and address

2. Phone number

3. The business name

4. The address of the business

5. The city, town, or county

6. The Zip code

7. State the business address

8. Is your license available for payment in my county?

If your license is available only in your county, please complete the application for license in my county.

How long does all this take?

Generally, it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 months for state to process a license application on your behalf. All state agencies maintain a database of registration and licensing records.

Where can I find the name of the state agency that handles dog licensing?


Is it ok if I’ve never been bitten by a dog?

Yes. You are entitled to a dog’s dog grooming license if you have never been bitten by a dog.

What do the letters say?
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Click here to go to the Dog Licensing website.

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