What qualifications do you need to be a dog walker? – Arthur’s Pet Business Ket

Having a strong sense of animal ethics and well-established ethical standards for your particular walk, and also having good relationships with the animals you want to meet and do dog walks.

Can you give me an example of a walk that goes well?

I’m keen to visit the countryside I’ve never been there before. There are a lot of dogs wandering around at my day job for example, but I want to have a gentle walk with some of my favourite fluffy companions. I’ve been walking these dogs for around a year now.

Can you give an example of a walk that goes poorly?

This time, I’ve made mistakes. I have walked a bit too far and a dog has fallen and it was quite awful. I think I could have walked a bit shorter.

And which dog do you most trust?

My one pet dog is an American Bulldog named Chomps. A lot of times we get a bit of flak from the dog park, so I trust him to stay close to the people around him and not to bite off anyone’s hand as we usually do in the park. He does get on my nerves sometimes though, so I look over his head when we’re talking to one another!

Do you have a favourite dog and did you make an investment in this dog?

For Chomps, I’ve only recently had him, so I like him a lot, but I had an older dog who had been my pet, so I like them both!

I don’t have any favourite dogs in general though. It’s all about how they go! And if we can get a dog who’s going to make me smile, it’s worth it for that!

Would you be interested in taking part in a dog walker’s course?

I would love to, but we can’t afford it yet!

Have you started a dog walking course? Share your experience here!

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