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The profit margin on dog food is around $4 to $5 per pound. Therefore if you put in $100 for a $5 bag that’s around $1,000 of profit for you.

Will the meat smell bad and smell like dog poop if it smells like dog food?

No. It smells just like the meat if you get the right kind of meat.

What if I want to grow my own dog food?

You can put $200 into an IndieGoGo campaign to grow your own dog food. You can also purchase a growler for around $25.

How come people are worried about “factory farm meat”?

In most cases I don’t want to use the word “pesticide” but people are worried that it will have a lot of pesticides in it. That’s a common fear. In order for me to make sure that no pesticides are put in, I’ll have to find out how much of the pesticides are used in the meat. So I’m pretty focused on just seeing if it will be good meat and if it is good meat I’ll be confident that I’m going to make money from my dog food.

What do you get from making dog food?

I get to produce an edible product through a large number of steps. First I work with animals, but that’s about it. I do the research to see if what I’d want to do is feasible. There’s no money directly coming into my pocket at all – every dollar that I have is working towards the same goal.

Can you say a little bit more about the process?

I’ve been cooking since I was 12 years old. I really love recipes and I love reading books. I get very involved in helping and encouraging people to grow their own food. A lot of people have asked me to give them recipes so that’s what I’ve been doing in this series.

How much money do you make on each bag?

I’m making money on all the different bags and I’ll be making more in the future.

What do you get from dog food sales?

What do I get from dog food sales?

I get to raise money every day in my community. It is a good way of getting into the marketplace and to get to know people.

Will my food be healthy?

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Can I give you a discount when ordering?

We will provide discounts

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