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This is an excellent time to take another look at some of the more popular diets, because many are on the move from one company to another. I had a great conversation with the founder of JB’s Best, Chris Wysocki, about what he personally recommends in an effort to get the most out of his dogs. I had a chance to ask him about other options besides dog food and for the first time he mentioned some that I was looking into.

He said “I don’t like to say my favorite diet is an alternative dog food, it’s an alternative life for my dog.” (Chris has two dogs named Bambi and Lucky. He likes to call them his “lucky dogs”) His goal is to use products that are both humane and useful. If you are looking to get a high quality, natural dog food, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. If you are looking for a good alternative to a conventional diet, I would give these a try.

JB’s Best’s top-rated premium food is Made By Bob’s Red Mill Dog Food. This one comes with a special recipe made in a small facility, with raw ingredients and fresh ingredients.

JB’s Best was founded by Chris and his brother Michael Wysocki. Chris has worked as a research specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, working exclusively towards the eradication of dog and cat obesity.

Chris has a great insight behind the product (his brother Michael says you can’t buy a product made by both Chris and his brother Michael). JB’s Best is available for dogs and cats (and there are no restrictions on age, sex or body weight), and it is packaged in a convenient, no-mess food-friendly package.

The JB’s Best premium food products come in two basic styles: “paw and scratch”. The paw and scratch variety can be found in “no charge” food packages and has a number of ingredients that are not found in regular commercial dog foods:








The formula for the commercial version is much healthier. JB’s Best uses a much higher percentage of plant and animal ingredients, such as:

Flaxseed – 100% more protein

Organic hemp – more fiber
Gourmet All-Natural Jerky Dog Treats by Redwood Pet ...

Lanolin – more fat removal


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