What dogs are suitable for full time workers? – How To Start A Therapy Dog Business Expense

Well, the answer can vary. For example, some dogs are suited for short stints of travel – maybe for a family weekend or a weekend trip to the beach. Others aren’t – they would be too nervous, or fearful, if placed in work.

If a dog is used in a full time workplace it is better to keep the dog with the owner as much as possible…

If the dog is confined in a work shop, it may stay in this shop while it is off work, or it may be allowed to go outside the shop to go for a walk, especially if it is calm.

If the dog enters a domestic establishment, the owner should be informed that it is not to be used for work as there is a risk of the dog causing problems.

In other cases, when a dog goes into or spends time out of a busy shop, the person in charge should keep a lookout for it, alert staff if it seems odd, and warn them if they are being watched at night.

If the dog is confined to an area off the premises, the dog should be kept very quiet.

Should I have a vet check when it comes over with fleas – or worse, flies?

We recommend that all dogs and cats come over with fleas, because fleas are often the first signs that dog and cats may not be healthy after a bad trip from the pet shop, or for that matter from their human or cat owner.

Fleas are not the reason for dogs entering the pet shop.

Flea control may help to decrease your pet’s stress and anxiety, and in some cases, it may prevent them from being used for work.

Flea control should be provided on the same day or the next morning and used whenever pets are present (not to mention when the pet shop is closed for the day).

If you have a small dog or cat you might consider adding a flea comb for the same reason.

Another option to keep your pet safe from fleas is to have them ticked down to make sure there is no resistance.

If you have a dog, you will find it helpful to have a pet ticker.

What should I do when a vet check is needed at work – from a pet shop?

If a vet check needs to be undertaken at work, the owner should advise the owner/carer prior to the appointment so they can advise the vet.

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