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The first rule of going out to dinner with your dog is that you should always leave it on. This is one of the most likely places for your dog to start to sniff the food. If it has been too long since you have left the TV on, get an alarm to ring if your alarm goes off. The best method is when you are close enough to your dog that the noise will not distract him. Try leaving it on after you leave the room. If you can, be sure to always sit near your dog so he can see his food.

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Can my dog eat when he is asleep?

Generally speaking, yes. When your dog is sleeping, he is not likely to be alert enough to detect the smell of food, even the subtle smell of food. He will also likely be able to hear you, as most dogs will go to sleep quietly if their alarm goes off. However, if he is sleeping next to a bed or a blanket, there might be an issue with his weight. He may not be able to stand up and can end up sliding down the bed or blanket. If that is the case, get some pads or blankets for him to lie on until he is up.

Can my dog eat when he is eating with other people?

Generally speaking, yes. When your dog is eating with other people, it will be more likely that he will be able to detect the smell of food, and that he can hear you, as this is a place he has been able to go to sleep before. In many cases, you can avoid all of this by feeding your dog only when he has been sleeping. However, when your dog has been eating with other people, it is usually better to leave the food with them. You can either keep the food with you, or do what I do and just get a blanket over him for him to sleep on.

How do I know if my dog can eat when he is eating with other people?

You can use an adult dog food scale to weigh the food you have eaten. The food is usually packaged in a container at about a gallon per pound. However, for best results, try cutting the water or oil down into small drops a few drops at a time and putting the small amount into a bowl and keeping the container on low heat in your fridge. A sample of the mixture that will give you your dog at a glance will also work, and your dog’s mouth will be free from the remnants of food.

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