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In New Mexico, there are no laws that specifically criminalize dogs walking on sidewalks. In fact, many municipalities in New Mexico don’t have a single law about dogs running at speed (which is a serious problem for dogs in the summer). Dogs do not generally run at speed in Albuquerque or other towns in New Mexico, either. Most municipalities are pretty careful with the law here regarding the use of their streets and sidewalks – in fact, the New Mexico State Patrol is quite concerned about these cases.

Some municipalities do have laws that specifically prohibit dogs from running at speed

In most towns in New Mexico (and many other states), it is illegal to run at speed – whether on a sidewalk or a street in which there is a “no running rule”. This is not to say that dog traffic is completely illegal – on many streets, it may be possible to run at speed without having to cross a street, if you are very careful. However, most dog friendly municipalities do enforce this law very strictly.

In some municipalities, you can run at the speed of a motorcycle

You’ll often see residents walking dogs on sidewalks with a bicycle. It’s probably illegal to bike on sidewalks (with exception of a motorcycle) without a helmet – however, there are local ordinances on whether or not to allow dogs on a sidewalk. In certain places, it’s not illegal and you can get away with a bicycle if all other requirements are met.

If you live in a town with a no-hassle-running-on- sidewalks law, there are probably other restrictions on the use of the sidewalk, too.

New Mexico Dog Laws

New Jersey Dog Laws

There is no specific law that prohibits dogs walking on sidewalks (or any street). Instead, dogs in New Jersey are generally allowed to run at speeds of 20 mph – that’s right, 20 mph! In New Jersey, dogs are allowed to run at any speed if they are on a leash and are not interfering with human behavior (including walking and sitting). As long as they are on a leash, dogs can run on a sidewalk.

Dog Safety and Dogs Walking on Public Streets

Dog safety is paramount on your next walk on the open road. Please read the Dog Law Bulletin from the NJDSPA here to see the important tips for dog owners. If your dog is not on a leash, please ask if the dog park has extra gates to increase safety. There should be a sign that says, “Dogs

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