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The city of New Brunswick also does not consider the dogs responsible.

The city says if you step on a dog’s foot it is their fault.

In the past the city says the same is true in other municipalities.

About “A Million Years Ago”

The cover features images of a young Rapsody and a young Black Panther in a jungle setting. The song itself was recorded around this time, as the duo was still living in Chicago.

Curtis Mayfield was also in the studio at the time for the song.

The latest episode of The Simpsons is one of my favorite episodes ever. To date, it is the only episode in the main series that has had my favorite episode of the entire series. I feel like I already spoke about this when I compared it to The Simpsons , but here I go;

The episode is about Homer vs. the other boys in elementary school. Everyone has always thought Homer has super powers, but that’s not the case now that they’ve shown Bart the way. With all the weird things that are happening, there’s less need for the boys to be the “world’s greatest scientists.” Homer is also much more worried about his family, which was a surprise to the rest of the boys because Homer never thought he’d be a dad. He just thought he was the coolest guy you’d ever meet, and that’s great and all, but the episode is also interesting because it shows us the boys in their very first steps, and how they can handle some things that most of us don’t have to. There’s humor in the way they learn to talk, but the more adult that you try to get around them, the more they end up yelling. Homer’s response to the boys (the ones he hates) is “Go away; I’m going to find the most perfect girl.” The episode ends with an exchange between one of the boys, Ned Flanders (played by a character who is not the one who actually writes for the show) and Lisa. Ned said something to her about how, when he was young, he always thought he was one of the cutest boys in all of town. I can think of at least two reasons to why I have never been as attracted to him because of his height, like his voice, or his hair, or perhaps to some other kind of weird reason just off the top of my head. But it’s all I’ve ever heard in the past that he’s cute

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