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It’s a very difficult question, and one that I do not think most people think ahead of time. I think we should consider this from our point of view, and not from the point of view of the animal, which is to put a kill on top of it. What you really want to do is just try and get the animal to its best habitat with whatever you can find there. If you cannot find something suitable, you could just make that part of the death. The humane thing from my perspective is if a dog can’t find a nice safe place to live in, or you know, it’s so sick and it’s suffering, just shoot it, and it makes sure that it never finds itself out in the open to find another place to go.

We don’t want to try to put a dog down on its own, we don’t want that. If some one has a gun to your head, say, ‘Hey, it’s a good thing people like that are shooting the dogs.’ But my position is, you’ve just got to consider the facts and you make that decision based off of that.

Did you do research about what dogs actually experienced in their early days?

We did a lot of that research at the Humane Society of the United States. We did a research into how dogs went through their first couple days on the streets. Not every dog is a good dog, but some dogs are better than others. We just put the answers into a little questionnaire and asked people what they thought about it. A lot of people got their answers right. So at that point, that was all done.

Is it a good idea to go after a dangerous dog?

We’re not at all saying that you shouldn’t go after a bad dog. We’re just saying you should not try and use lethal force. It’s a lot closer to a good shot than trying to put a dog to the ground and shoot it. We know that the chances of you finding a safe place to put a bad dog to sleep, or even a safe place to get a good dog, you’re pretty low. And we know that it’s going to be difficult to get a dog into a safe environment where they could have lived an optimal life. So we don’t want to put a dog down on its own because it has nothing to run away from. We want to put those dogs down where they have a place to run or to hide or to find a place to go to for shelter arthur’s pet business, pet business insurance providers ukc registration, pet business insurance providers ukrainian news, cool dog walking business names, arthur s pet business vhs-2 rifle