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Should dogs need to be trained to fight? Or does the animal need to be trained to perform certain task?

Here are some answers to some of these questions.

“If a cat is shot in the head by its own owner, that’s ‘cruel’ and not a real animal, is it?”

Well, that depends. In many jurisdictions there is no penalty for shooting a cat in the head. They cannot be charged, prosecuted or convicted of a crime because no crime has been committed. But if the cat has the potential to cause death, injury or an economic damage, then the owner can be charged with a crime. If a dog has the potential to cause death, injury or an economic damage, then the owner could be charged with a crime. Generally, a prosecutor has the ability to prove that it is in fact a felony for a person to shoot a pet, but they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the killing was an intentional act on the part of the owner, not someone who accidentally shot an unknowing pet (a misdemeanor).

“Can you be charged with animal cruelty if you shoot your dog for barking? Can you be charged for shooting your puppy in retaliation for barking?”

In some jurisdictions it is illegal to intentionally shoot dogs in the head (not for protecting a property, property damage, or a dog attacking a person) and in others it is not.

“If you’re in an accident with your pet, do you have to pay for it?”

There is no law requiring you to pay for damage to your car that is caused by your pet. Also, most states require that people report pet accidents to the authorities before it is too late (for more information on animal-injury laws, see this page from the NFA Site).

“Can a business or business premises get sued for animal cruelty? What is the liability for an animal?”

Most states have passed laws mandating that the owner of a pet be liable for animal cruelty on the premises. That is in direct compliance with the law of tort, in which the owner of the property is held responsible for damage caused by injuries to another. But the owner is not liable to the owner’s other occupants or visitors. And in some cases (such as the cases mentioned above), there is no requirement that the owner should have known of, or had a reasonable cause to know, the injury or damage.

To learn more about animal cruelty from NFA and the courts in

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